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  • Fashion TV Shows in the Yahoo! Directory

    Explore fashion television shows including America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and many more.

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  • Fashion From TV Shows?

    The fashion from Pretty Little Liars tends to be from a lot of stores not just one. Some of the stores they use though are: Anthropologie, Wildfox, Philosophy, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Nordstrom, Free People, All Saints, Royal Rabit, American Apparel, Topshop etc.

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Fashion Books

What are some good fashion books?

I would definitely check out magazines like Elle and Marie Claire. Yes the outfits they put together are sometimes a bit over the top, but at least you can draw some inspiration from their photo shoots and maybe find a style that you can make your own. Also, just check out celebrity news blogs and stuff like that. Some of my favorite outfits are ones that I put together based on something I saw a celebrity wearing. But most of all, have fun with your clothes. Get stuff that you love and that make you feel pretty. I think your hair sounds adorable btw!

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Finding The Right Look for Fashion

The fashion model industry has changed in some positive ways. At one-time, if you didn't fit the 5ft 9 and size 0-2 mark...just forget about it. There were no agencies to represent you. But, today, things are much different. The industry now has room (and is looking) for ladies with a "natural" look and a "reasonable" size.

You can either spend hundreds of dollars trying to become a fashion model by listening to some modeling convention or photographer who might have an affiliation with one or two agencies (who might not be looking for your "type" of look).

If you've ever been rejected by several modeling agencies, you probably never received a clear reason why? People at modeling agencies are very busy and don't have time to explain the process and some love to flex their muscles by rejecting you just because it makes them feel 10 feet tall.

However, if you have big tattoos on your neck, back, thighs, or any area that's exposed while wearing a swim suit, your chances of being a professional model will plummet to zero.

Look, go online and find any modeling agency where you live who books models for major designers (not some small time modeling agency that helps Joey's Tavern find a model for special events). Ask them if they want professional photos. I guarantee you that 99% of them will say they only want basic photos, no makeup.

Paying for professional photos, thinking that professional photos will get an Agency to sign you. Agencies need to see you in a raw, all-natural state. This helps them determine your potential. If you have on makeup and a hair style, they don't know your potential because your look is already set through your makeup and hair style. You really only need 7 nonprofessional photos and I will show you how to take them and what to wear in the lookbook photos.

This is the preferred way agencies want to see you. If you don't believe me, call any agency and ask if they prefer professional or nonprofessional photos. As humans we hate rejection. We are constantly looking for various forms of self validation, especially from a group we want to be part of. Being accepted makes us feel valuable, and being rejected makes us feel lower than dirt.

You need to understand what rejection really means in fashion modeling. Each agency is looking for a particular "look" each month (sometimes each week) for their clients. The agency's client could be a major department store like Macys or a catalog like J C Penny or a fashion designer like Ralph Lauren.

What you have to understand about this business is that the agency wants a certain "look" more than beauty at times. At times you may see models who look like monsters, and you wonder how she got hired. Well, sometimes the "look" an agency wants is a monster in makeup, and this lady fit the description.

Fashion Lookbook

Fashion Inspiration: Where to find it

Individual dress style does not happen overnight. Most stores and boutiques offer advice and tips when requested, but it is not very chic to buy complete outfits straight off the mannequins in shop windows.

Besides, since the globalization has ensured, chain high street brands like Swedish H&M, Spanish Zara, American Urban Outfitters and Spanish Mango are almost everywhere, one needs a little imagination to stand out.

Inspiration is everywhere around you. Have a cup of coffee in a cafe, sit by the window and watch the world go by. Style on the streets can be very inspiring, keep a keen eye out on stylish people about you. What are the women in such popular TV series as Sex and The City wearing?

Affordable versions of their designer wardrobes can be found, and new points of views of mixing and matching items and accessories are presented in every episode. Do not wrinkle your nose at following haute couture designers — it need not be deemed as an elite practice. Most haute couture designers and fashion houses are not aiming to produce functional, every day dresses. However, their artistic collections shape what will become trendy in high street stores.

There are other outlets for inspiration that you can pool in from the comfort of your own home. Fashion magazines and blogs offer valuable insight and new ideas. Why not also research some past fashion icons to help determine your own, individualistic and stylish look.